• Operation: Lawn to Lunch

  • Operation: Lawn to Lunch Operation: Lawn to Lunch is a program for those who want to grow their own vegetables but either aren't quite sure where to start or just want a tribe to grow along with them. With Operation: Lawn to Lunch we aim to take out the guess work and shoulder some of the planning for our members. So here's the details: 1. Plant & Seed Bundle Each member will be provided with 13 different plants and 4 types of seeds. These will be distributed on two different dates: April 29 & May 20. This is so you will get your plants at just the right time to plant them. Hardier cool season vegetables first, followed by those that need warmer soil like tomatoes and peppers. Visit our website to see the plants and seeds that will be part of the bundle. 2. Weekly videos Nathan and I will be starting a Lawn to Lunch garden from scratch right along with our members. We will video every step of the process from prepping the ground to planting, harvesting, and consuming your very own vegetables! In addition to the videos we will also provide a planting calendar and share written information on mulch and compost. 3. Support We will be providing a private Facebook group where our members can ask questions and get feedback from Nathan and I as well as other members of the group. This will also be a place to share the successes and joys of growing your own veggies! This group is also where the weekly videos will be posted.
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